6 Hours To Christmas

Plot for 6 Hours To Christmas: It looks like it is going to be a typical 24th December day for suave creative director, Reggie and perhaps a slightly more memorable one as his girlfriend promises him dinner and fireworks before the stroke of midnight. Things however take an exciting turn for him when his office colleague and the girl he’s lusted after for a long time gives him a Christmas present he finds impossible to refuse. As Reggie’s mind goes into overdrive, events unfold into very hilarious and yet bizarre circumstances and it seems a day that started with the promise of Christmas may just end in heartbreak and a gun to Reggie’s head.

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Review From Nollywood Reinvented

6 Hours to Christmas is a simple story. It’s a simple movie with a simple plot. Many twists, many dramas, all in one night, all in a couple scenes. It’s a thrill to watch but it’s pretty hit or miss. It depends highly on what exactly you want from the movie. Did you pick up the movie expecting a jolly old Christmas movie that ends in ‘ho-ho-ho’? Then you might be a bit disappointed. You get the ‘ho-ho-ho’ alright, just not the kind of ‘ho’ you were hoping for (make of that what you will). The ending of this movie will do one of two things to you: either really please you and give you relief or just anger you with the path chosen. Like I said earlier, 6 hours to christmas is pretty hit or miss. But in my opinion, it was a great storyline. For More

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