List of the Best Black Movies To Watch From the 90s

I decided to make a List of the Best Black Movies To Watch From the 90s because I went online and everyone that has a list for us are people I just ain’t feeling to be honest. As I build this network of entertainment and information for the African Diaspora, I noticed as a black man who grew up in the 90’s that there is no real good list of movies that were part of a small renaissance. Funny thing, my wife and I raised my kids to only watch what the parental recommendations, so if you 13, no R, you 12 no PG13. Ran that on a hardline..anyway. My young adult children are only now watching these movies and I realized they have missed a lot from that era. So

So this is not only for the Diaspora, but for my young adults. Please comment on your favorites and share. We will start with 1990-1992 after that the next post will be 1993 which was a break out year. Then top Black films from 1994-1995, 1996-1997, and then will end with 1998-1999.

Hope you enjoy the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful of this Black American experience and era. So lets get started with… A List of the Best Black Movies To Watch From the 90s (

We will start here with 1990-1992 please come back to this post for links to the other years or follow us on Instagram or Facebook where we post updates.

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The Best Black Movies of 1990-1992

Another 48 Hours 1990

While trying to capture drug lord “The Iceman,” policeman Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) confronts two criminals and kills one of them in self-defense. The head of internal affairs (Kevin Tighe) wants to prosecute Jack since there was no weapon found on the victim. In order to prove his innocence, Jack rescues ex-convict Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) from a hit ordered by The Iceman. Reggie, who knows the real identity of the criminal, may be Jack’s last hope.(IMDB)

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House Party 1990

Play’s parents are out of town, and he’s planning the house party to end all house parties. His best friend, Kid, wants to go more than anything, knowing Sydney (Tisha Campbell-Martin), the hottest girl in school, is sure to be there. But when Kid gets into a fight at school, his father grounds him. Still determined to go, Kid sneaks out of the house and faces one calamity after another as he makes his way to Play’s house and the party of the school year. (IMDB)

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Boyz n The Hood 1991

Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is sent to live with his father, Furious Styles (Larry Fishburne), in tough South Central Los Angeles. Although his hard-nosed father instills proper values and respect in him, and his devout girlfriend Brandi (Nia Long) teaches him about faith, Tre’s friends Doughboy (Ice Cube) and Ricky (Morris Chestnut) don’t have the same kind of support and are drawn into the neighborhood’s booming drug and gang culture, with increasingly tragic results. (One of the Best Black Movies to Watch of the 90s)

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Daughters of the Dust 1991

At the dawn of the 20th century, a family in the Gullah community of coastal South Carolina — former West African slaves who adopted many of their ancestors’ Yoruba traditions — suffers a generational split. Young Haagar (Kaycee Moore) wants to move to the mainland away from tradition-bound matriarch Nana (Cora Lee Day). Former prostitute Yellow Mary (Barbara-O) gets a cold shoulder when she returns to the island with her female lover, especially from her sister Viola (Cheryl Lynn Bruce). (IMdB)

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House Party 2 1991

Rapper-turned-scholar Kid (Christopher Reid) gets into college, but he runs out of cash just as classes start. Desperate for dough, he tries working in the cafeteria, but when his time spent serving slop to students starts to interfere with studying and his relationship with girlfriend Sidney (Tisha Campbell), he looks for a new plan. He calls up his old partner in partying, Play (Christopher Martin), and they organize a pajama shindig, where women dress scantily and men must pay to enter. (IMdB)

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Jungle Fever 1991

A married black lawyer named Flipper (Wesley Snipes) begins an affair with Angie (Annabella Sciorra), his white secretary. When the news is leaked through an acquaintance, Flipper’s wife (Lonette McKee) kicks him out of the house. Flipper decides to begin courting his mistress, only to be greeted by disapproval from friends, family and even strangers. The relationship continues to be strained in a society not ready to accept it, and people are hurt during its inception. (IMdB)

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New Jack City 1991

Drug tycoon Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) and his minions, known collectively as the Cash Money Brothers, have rapidly risen to the top of the New York City narcotics trade. Under Nino’s heartless leadership, the drug operation has grown into a multimillion-dollar empire. Scotty (Ice-T) and Nick (Judd Nelson), two police officers who know their way around the streets of Harlem, aim to bring Nino and his cohorts down. To do so, though, they’ll have to play by Nino’s rules and go undercover. (IMdB)

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Straight Out Of Brooklyn 1991

When Dennis (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.), the oldest son of an impoverished family living in a Brooklyn housing project, decides to earn some quick money by robbing a drug dealer, he gets caught up in much more than he bargained for. The stolen briefcase is filled with thousands of dollars in cash. Despite his concern, Dennis intends to use the money to move his family into a better neighborhood. But things take a turn for the worse when the dealer and his henchmen track Dennis down. (IMdB)

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The Five Heartbeats 1991

Coming in on the tail end of a rhythm and blues singing group explosion, The Five Heartbeats (Robert Townsend, Michael Wright, Leon, Harry J. Lennix, Tico Wells) rise and fall within the space of seven years. Along the way, the group deals with all manner of fame and fortune distractions — jealousy, greed, too much womanizing and drugs all take a toll. Their troubles culminate when executive Big Red (Hawthorne James) is arrested for the murder of manager Jimmy Potter (Chuck Patterson). (IMdB)

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Before We go into films of 1992, I want to bring some attention to films in the 70’s which are very similar to the 90’s boom. Our collective black image has been impacted both for good and bad, so I got an exercpt of a article that touches on why I do what I do. Check it out.

Blaxploitation: Empowering or Destructive?

It’s 1971. You drive up to the movie theater in your ’69 Ford Mustang. You look up at the Marquee and you make sure Shaft is on the sign. You grab your ticket and make your way to your seat. You hear funky music play as the title sequence begins. You can dig it.

Shaft and many other black films of the 1970’s were part of the blaxploitation genre. Blaxploitation films of the 1970s had lasting effects on the black community. As actor Jim Brown once said, “I looked at it as an opportunity for me to break down taboos. To play roles that had never before been played by black actors.”[1] The roles black actors and black actresses had were popular, and their movies were seen all across the country. While this significance was unprecedented, it also means the negative stereotypes they were portraying became prevalent. While these movies empowered some and hindered others, they provided a means of black recognition, even through stereotypical reinforcements of black culture. The films created outlets for black actors to gain recognition on the screen despite reinforcing negative images. Read More or Check out some of the 70’s Films Here

Ok..back to List of the Best Black Movies To Watch From the 90s

Boomerang 1992

A cocky ad executive, Marcus (Eddie Murphy) has a reputation as a ladies’ man. However, Marcus gets a taste of his own medicine when a merger finds him working under the beautiful Jacqueline (Robin Givens), who has a similarly cavalier attitude about romance. Marcus and Jacqueline become involved, but he is put off by her noncommittal approach to their relationship. Meanwhile, Marcus also begins to develop feelings for the pretty Angela (Halle Berry), who is more thoughtful than Jacqueline. (IMdB)

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Candyman 1992

Skeptical graduate student Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) befriends Anne-Marie McCoy (Vanessa Williams) while researching superstitions in a housing project on Chicago’s Near North Side. From Anne-Marie, Helen learns about the Candyman (Tony Todd), a knife-wielding figure of urban legend that some of her neighbors believe to be responsible for a recent murder. After a mysterious man matching the Candyman’s description begins stalking her, Helen comes to fear that the legend may be all too real. (IMdB)

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Class Act 1992

Duncan Pinderhughes (Christopher Reid) is a nerdy straight-A student with no social life, and Blade Brown (Christopher Martin) is a tough bad boy with grades so low he has little hope of graduating from high school. When a fateful mistake swaps their permanent records — and thereby identities — they decide to take advantage. Duncan will raise Blade’s grades, and Blade will show Duncan how to be cool. However, they both start to realize that their new lives aren’t what they expected. (IMdB)

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Juice 1992

Four Harlem friends — Bishop (Tupac Shakur), Q (Omar Epps), Steel (Jermaine Hopkins) and Raheem (Khalil Kain) — dabble in petty crime, but they decide to go big by knocking off a convenience store. Bishop, the magnetic leader of the group, has the gun. But Q has different aspirations. He wants to be a DJ and happens to have a gig the night of the robbery. Unfortunately for him, Bishop isn’t willing to take no for answer in a game where everything’s for keeps. (IMdB)

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Malcolm X 1992

A tribute to the controversial black activist and leader of the struggle for black liberation. He hit bottom during his imprisonment in the ’50s, he became a Black Muslim and then a leader in the Nation of Islam. His assassination in 1965 left a legacy of self-determination and racial pride.

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Mo’ Money 1992

After petty criminal Johnny (Damon Wayans) falls for the lovely Amber (Stacey Dash), he decides to stop breaking the law and gets a gig at his crush’s workplace in order to get closer to her, thus proving that he’s a stand-up guy. Soon, he learns that going straight doesn’t pay very well, so he decides to nab a company credit card and show off his newfound wealth to Amber. Unfortunately, a blackmailer catches Johnny and forces him to commit a crime that is far from small. (IMdB)

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South Central 1992

During a 10-year sentence for murdering the leader of a rival South Central Los Angeles gang, Bobby Johnson (Glenn Plummer) finds religion and rehabilitation with the help of Muslim inmate Ali. Upon his release, Bobby returns home to find that his young son, Jimmie (Christian Coleman), has joined the Deuces, his old crew. Tensions rise as Bobby struggles to convince Jimmie to leave the gang that was his only family during the painful years his absent father spent behind bars. (IMdB)

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White Men Can’t Jump 1992

Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) is a white basketball hustler who banks on black players underestimating his skills on the court. When he pulls one over on Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes), his victim sees a lucrative opportunity, and they become partners in the con game, plying their trade across the courts of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Billy has to keep one step ahead of mobsters, to whom he owes money, while staying on the good side of his “Jeopardy!”-obsessed, motormouth wife (Rosie Perez). (IMdB)

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